This blog restarts my attempts at writing and what my current interests I am focused on. It’s been hard trying to figure out what is interesting to write for everyone to see. I mean it is the Internet.

What happened to my other stuff? It wasn’t worth keeping around but it’s probably all floating around somewhere on the Internet. Maybe, google it? But I think it has all floated away. Content disappearing is not mysterious because I really don’t have it anymore.

I am currently working at at a software company that uses a lot of different technologies but I get to work with Elixir, Ruby, and Ruby on Rails. It’s all pretty cool stuff but I have lately been bored. Bored? Yes. How do I combat it? Mostly things outside of technology like traveling, practicing music or drawing but I am trying to stay on the positive side and push my way through it.

So why am I starting again? Again, it is out of boredom and I wanted to play with Jekyll a bit. The usefulness of it might dwindle as I try to come up with some interesting topics to discuss. Jekyll isn’t that hard to setup but I added the second challenge of setting it up with Github Pages, and this experience has been a little frustrating. First, if you are using your pages as a blog, do not change the themes in your repo’s settings! They usually only have one layout and it’s mostly for a project’s description? Maybe? Second, be patient with your commits, for some reason, it takes awhile for pages to update.

If you’ve read this far, thanks for doing it!